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word for "sweaty balls" also referenced to in one of livelavalive's videos on youtube.
loosey goosey will give you swalls.
by Dyllon Franks July 31, 2008
sweaty balls
Man, I had brutal swalls after basketball practice!
by anonymous March 26, 2003
West Belfast term for alcohol, derived from the word 'swallow'
'You going out for a swall tonight?'
by Smickers March 30, 2004
A condition caused by perspiration on the scrotal sac; derived from the combination of the words Sweaty and Balls. Can lead to nut rot.
I developed a serious case of swalls last night cornholing your mom.
by Upper Decker November 18, 2005
usually used in northern ireland by townies/millies/scallies watever u wanna call dem it means a carryout i.e. drink purchused from an off license!
mon we go get a swall and get blocked
by wee sarah 2k4 January 17, 2004
sweaty balls
i had swalls after practice
by hobo_on_hastings September 22, 2003
really bad Sweaty ball sack
Man i have really bad case of Swalls
by DknyPhreak09 May 13, 2005