(pronounced swalls) conjunction of the words "sweaty" and "balls" hence sw'alls

meaning; the unfortunate realization that after working your ass off for 12 hours in an 80 degree room with no air conditioning that your balls became so sweaty that you developed a rash, and because of that rash you walk kinda funny.

The female alternative is sw'ag
guy 1: "Dude, why are you walking so funny?"

guy 2: "Shoot, I was hoping you wouldn't notice. I got a mad case of sw'alls. It hurts really bad!"
by frostbyte2009 February 19, 2011
Sweaty Balls (Condition that develops around the nutsac after enduring any amount of time in the outdoor Floridian climate)
D-man: you are OCD if you need a shower after washes dishes sir
N-dude: Nah dude, I got Swalls, and it's startin to build gunk, and it's gonna start to burn if I don't wash them.
by ndiddydogyo May 23, 2011
What you get when you run around in African heat
I got a bad case of the swalls

Fuck yea its hotter then Africa
by Swalls July 11, 2006
noun. A contraction of the words sweat and ball. A masculine-specific term used to describe a sweaty set of balls.

Related to swit, swut, swunt and swass.
After wearing those new boxers all day, he had swall something fierce.
by squidboy57 September 24, 2003
When something is just so lit you don't know how to describe it
like trill, it is a combination of sweet and something that ends in all
Homie #1: yo how was the party last night
Homie #2: yo that party was so turnt it was swall
Homie #1: oh shit i wish i had gone
by dj mayo August 24, 2014
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