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Having one's swagger "jacked" or stolen.
After the NFL stole Lendale White's nickname idea of "Smash and Dash" for the duo of Lendale White and Chris Johnson in the Tennessee Titans backfield, he claimed he had been swacked.
by Roy "McClane" Rogers December 11, 2008
Adjective for very buff. Having an exemplary physique. Perhaps a combination of 'swole' and 'jacked'
Have you seen Frederick lately? He has been hitting the weights and is looking pretty swacked.

Most people use swacked to point out a copy cat. However, this is an elementary use of slang. I only use swacked when I come across a mirror.
by TheGrandWizard May 10, 2014
Having your swagger jacked by a poser
Ronnie swacked Paulie D's wake up routine
by REAL DJ Paulie D October 05, 2011
Feeling the effects of hydrocodone.
"I've got a full bottle of Lortab- gettin' swacked tonight!"
by A-bat July 03, 2009
You were pretty swacked last night.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
Swacked is the term Pauly D of Jersey Shore uses to describe if ones 'swag' has been jacked, the other male room mates also know what 'swacking' is, showing us that swacking has presence within guido group of friends, possibly its origin. To be jacked is another meaning to be robbed, and swag is how one presents themselves, so basically saying he/she is a 'copycat' as it were, copying your swag, your quotes, style, attitude, personality, anything they find funny or cool or impressive to others might get swacked. In a nutshell swacking is when one is trying to be you, or as stated above, copy you - many celebs are swacked whether intentionally or not.

Set the trend, don't follow.
Pauly D: "YEAH BUDDY, WAKE UP YEAH!" Pauly says this very loudly, shaking everyones bed and jumping on them, having banter which everyone enjoys, its one of his many trademark quotes.
Ronnie: “YEAH BUDDY, WAKE UP YEAH!" mimicking Pauly but very poorly, and not amusing but more cringey.
Mike "The Situation": "Yo Pauly bro, you just got Swacked!"
Pauly D: "I know dawg, for real.. Just keep it original"
by TaylorGangOrDie11111111 January 13, 2012
Swagger Jacked - When sum1 uses somethin u trademarked like a phrase or expression.
"ay i jus got swacked man sum1 is usin my logo..."
by Ztheimmaculate December 17, 2008
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