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A type of Artist. Very cool. Led by masters such as Salvador Dali.
Person: What type of artist are you/

Artist: I am a Surrealist
by Surrealist February 07, 2004
a fan of the webcomic SURREALITY written and illustrated by ASHES
surrealists tend to make theories and be involved with the comic itself by making fanart or just by publicly reacting to any of the pages
John: I wonder how many surrealists are out there..
James: You gotta check the forums to get an estimate, dude.
by J_102 March 29, 2013
A forum member, generally unknown or despised. Usually runs tiny websites with virtually no members. *sigh*
Surrealist: Hi, I'm Surrealist

Forum Member: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
by Surrealist February 07, 2004
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