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An extremely gorgeous, amazing, stunning person with millions of friends and who is also very intelligent and very creative. She doesn't do too well at sports, but she tries her best. She works hard in everything she undertakes and is a bamf in doing them. She has a smile that lights up even the darkest night and a heart that loves unconditionally. Deserves to be treated like a princess. The perfect soulmate.
Always take good care of an Anishka, she's one of a kind.
That girl over there is so beautiful, her name must be Anishka!

I love Anishka with all my heart.
by surrealist February 02, 2012
A type of Artist. Very cool. Led by masters such as Salvador Dali.
Person: What type of artist are you/

Artist: I am a Surrealist
by Surrealist February 07, 2004
A short, often volatile, spoon-like object, used for scooping chicken paste.
Person 1: How did you scoop up the chicken paste?

Person 2: Carefully, I used a Glabtrangle.

Person 1: You're so brave!
by Surrealist April 07, 2004
A forum member, generally unknown or despised. Usually runs tiny websites with virtually no members. *sigh*
Surrealist: Hi, I'm Surrealist

Forum Member: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
by Surrealist February 07, 2004

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