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An influential 60's folk rock/psychedelic band with great songs like White Rabbit, D.C.B.A.-25, rejoyce, Third Week In Chelsea, Tobacco Road, and We Can Be Together.
Jefferson Airplane defined the San Francisco sound.
by J.A. October 24, 2004
This is the greatest bane of all time. They make me feel great inside, you don't even need drugs.
Jefferson Airplane is the kick ass.
by Gabe March 17, 2005
A slight modification. The Jefferson airplane is made from a burned out paper match by splitting it into a "V" and placing the roach in it.
I need a Jefferson airplane
#jefferson airplane #roach #clip #mary jane #dope
by masshntr April 15, 2009
n.] Circa the 1940s and '50s, a term for a roach-holder fashioned from a matchbook cover.
Wow...gramps smokes pot? and whats that...why... its a Jefferson Airplane!!!
by callinghome November 01, 2004
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