An awesome superhero walking fast as hell through the confines of GHS to get to lunch. Her superpower is looking FINE and posing for pictures with her sidekick B.J. COOLEST GUY EVER.
Dang, did you see that, it's a bird, a plane!- foo quit playin we all know that's Supernova and B.J. COOLEST GUY EVER!
by Nynja Boy July 27, 2010
A long legged black male with rather nappy hair that lives in the highest sections of the northeast. Referred to as supernova, because they are extremely rare.
Abram: Yo man who's that supernova over there.

Justin: The last time i saw somebody like that in these parts was about 12 years ago.
by marba February 04, 2010
Safer Sephiroth's fuckin move which takes 5 minutes to complete, but is awesome. And for some reason, sephiroth gets engulfed by the sun, in which he is granted no pain or suffering, however, cloud gets burninated of course. Word of advice, beat the damn game b4 he uses supernova twice, otherwise you will get the glitch ending for some odd fucking reason in which you will not receive any full motion video. I consider it to be an alternate ending, and it is kind of cool if you happen to get this ending first becuz it leaves it very much open and leaves you guessing what exactly happened. Anyway, i gotta shit, im out.
Oh look, Sephiroth used supernova on me again, and there go all the planets being destroyed one by one.......again.......
by Hatz April 15, 2005
The explosion of a small star, in which the star expands and implodes reaching a mass 1000 times that of the Sun.
Have you ever seen a supernova? Neither have I.
by The Dark One June 06, 2005
An incredibly diverse dj/producer/actor/comedian/writer based out of Canada.
"You should get your beats from SuperNova"
by SuperNova January 10, 2005
Something that is incredibly hot, or much hotter than you expect it to be.
It somehow defies logic as to how it got that hot.
Omfg, this coffee is supernova.
Jeez dude, I can't eat this soup now, it's supernova.
Don't touch that shit, it's supernova.
by chris November 13, 2004
The Supernova is when one sticks their hands in side of a womans vagina and then opens hands completely for ultra pleasure or pain, and also may move hands to enhance stimulation.
Hey i feel like dying of pain and pleasure, give me a Supernova.
by Flyinh69 May 07, 2008

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