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Demeaning name for a male. Used to label uncool people. The term can also be used to put down a cool person who has done something no bro-ish
Person 1: Hey do you want to help me carry this cooler full of Busch Light to the beach and pull tail?
Person 2: No I'd rather stay in and read Harry Potter.
Person 1: Whatever no bro.
by nooneonmylevel December 08, 2010
The opposite of a bro. A person who breaks brocode, or goes behind another bro's back.
naw man you're just a shifty backstabbing nobro
by SplinterFTJ February 12, 2013
Normal - Brookline
Or North Brookline, whatever you prefer.

Where it just isn't on like Sobro...
"I went to Nobro and sucked off Justin this weekend."

"You faggot Andy!"
by Numba 44 April 07, 2005
The bro who always says no when asked to do something. Also is usually the ginger bitch in your bro squad
Houston is a no bro because he always says no when I ask him to go to the mall
by Bromochachamundo December 30, 2014

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