An incredibly attractive woman.
Man, that chick was a straight supernova.
by d2zag December 21, 2014
Verb: To Supernova,the act of getting high.
Wanna go supernova in my car?
by Wazman General April 04, 2011
After a hard night at the bars/clubs with no luck, a man will return to his abode and cry. While he is crying, he will whack off to internet porn. At the moment of ejaculation, a tear might hit the semen in midair. This magical moment is called a supernova.
Last Sunday at 3 AM I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a million voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear a supernova has happened.
by Johnny Sac April 20, 2008
a big-ass explosion that happens to a star in da outer space, homie.
yo Neil, float on over here and come take a geez at that Supernova.
by dootfizzle February 02, 2014
An attack that Sephiroth does that takes five minutes long. During the process of the cut-scene, it shows all the planets being destroyed by a blast until it hits the sun creating causing it to explode dealing a lot of damage to your party of characters.
"All the planets are destroyed over and over a again by the Super Nova.
by Sephiroth December 18, 2004
The greatest thing known to man. A Supernova, also referred to as a "Rock Job", or, "Pop Rock Volcano", is the act in which a dame gives a bro a domer with Pop Rocks candy in her mouth. This is something that should be on anyone's bucket list.
How'd things go with Megan last weekend?

Oh, it was all right. We only held hands. What did you and Ellie do?

She gave me a Supernova... And when she was done, her breath smelled like watermelon.

by LAXPUCK19 May 21, 2011
Hot in the the sense of looking good or being cool; mainly used as a nickname. Suno for short.
Tay, You are hotter than hot; you're supernova.
by Jt1996 December 21, 2008
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