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Suman, a person who is considered hot and is looked up to. all the ladies love him. when people see him they stand in shock.

Suman is hilarious and lovable. you can't stand but hug him.
Melany: OMG its suman.
Tania: Now way, hes so cute like a teddy bear.
by TheGreenEyedMonster November 21, 2010
Attractive, intelligent girl who loves cream cheese icing. Is a night-time gal; she is incredibly out-going. She has sleek and wavy black hair. Especially good at philosophy of life.
Oh, there's Suman!

I had dinner with Suman last night.
by heliumgirl1234 October 13, 2011
Su-men = (Su )सु means अच्छा (Accha – Good/Nice),

(Men) is Plural form of "Man".

A very multi-talented, vibrant, caring and insightful person on the earth. Mostly under-estimated, wrongly judged by people around this person. Physically strong but emotionally weak. Mostly lazy but very aggressive and super hard-working if challenged by anyone. This person known for bravery and extreme anger. Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguing Individual. Ultimate Sex God.

This person will earn lot of wealth. Get good respect from society. This person will use show expertise in more than one field.

This person doesn't differentiate people based on Place, caste, religion, or mother tongue.

Strongly oppose enemies and those who are against this person policies.

Sumen is precious diamond.

Girl: I want you tonight, tomorrow night, next week at night and in the rest of nights of my life.
by london.girl<3 March 04, 2013
A beautiful female with a perfect hourglass body. Although she is young she is smart, talented, sweet, helpful, caring, and the most perfect example of a girl anywhere.
I want myself a Sumen =D
by lover192 November 30, 2010
some skinny indian who hates food.
and she is one proper peng gyal, u gets me mate u gets me?

Id tap that suman

Ooft mayn i need a suman in my lifeeeee
by noonehasthisname849384028214 March 11, 2009
Awkward traditional Indian girl who tries not to be F.O.B.-ey and loves to party.

Usually overweight.
Damn, Sumans actually a big slut!
by razzzi December 12, 2009
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