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When a guy tbags his girlfriend then finishes her off with a facial
Husband: Hey honey lets go to Starfucks
Wife: I'll order the chai latte
by BonerCoveredInShit October 05, 2009
The slang term for a raging homosexual. The term was come about after a huge drinking session by the ever so famous Dr Minx in early 2008 and has been doing the rounds ever since.
Fuck that guys like a chai latte, bet he cops it in the back nine !@!@!@
by Not a Chai latte April 22, 2008
Someone who is shy, timid, lacks confidence
"hey meghan..i haven't heard your voice in two hours..WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A CHAI LATTE?!"
by KMO25 January 29, 2009