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refers to a person who lacks any sort of scientific ability and was not born into the peer-reviewed world. It differs from the term squilb, which refers to a person with one or more researcher parents yet without any analytic ability, and from the term suggle-born, or the more offensive dysbindin-1(-)blood, which refers to a person with scientific abilities but without researcher parents.
While pipetting, Betty pushed the plunger to the second stop before collecting the liquid. She's such a suggle!

Jack claimed to have 50 mL; too bad he read the graduated cylinder from above. SUGGLE!

Did you see how flawlessly David made that buffer solution? He's sooooo (suggle)^-1!

I tried to explain spectroscopy to Casey, but he was such a suggle. He didn't get it.
by DaviQd August 17, 2011
Adorable, friendly word used to solicit fellatio from one's girlfriend. Typically spoken in uptalk, with higher-pitched voice.
Hey baby, wasn't that a great Broadway Show at Jang's? Suggle?
by BudzieBoy November 07, 2011
like a snuggle, nice hug ^_^ only 100% better
Kelsi is fun to suggle ^_^
by Dan January 22, 2005
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