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verb and noun
n. uptalker; n and adj. uptalking

1. A way of speaking that puts an upward inflection on the last word of a statement that makes it sound like a question when it's not. (Common among teens and surfers.)

2. (grammar) speak with high-rise terminals (HRT).
An uptalker would say "I've bought a new camera?" as though it were a question.

To say "Have a nice day" in uptalk, raise the last syllable as though you are asking a question: "Have a nice day?"

by Robert Doolan December 20, 2005
111 12
To make something, or someone, seem better that is really is.
"He was totally up talking the event. When I got there it was lame."

"She's not that good. She was up talking."

"Watch this, I'm gonna up talk my way into VIP."
by FashionPixie September 14, 2007
3 6
When you make yourself or someone else seem better or stronger than they actually are by implying false things
lets say bob is a weak little nerd with a girlfriend, lucy.

lucy says to the big popular guy, zane, who just tried to kiss her

"if bob finds out, you're gone!!"

lucy just uptalked bob
by [..+JaDe+..] March 22, 2006
7 52