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verb and noun
n. uptalker; n and adj. uptalking

1. A way of speaking that puts an upward inflection on the last word of a statement that makes it sound like a question when it's not. (Common among teens and surfers.)

2. (grammar) speak with high-rise terminals (HRT).
An uptalker would say "I've bought a new camera?" as though it were a question.

To say "Have a nice day" in uptalk, raise the last syllable as though you are asking a question: "Have a nice day?"

by Robert Doolan December 20, 2005
Uptalk (Uptalking): when a sentence rises in pitch at the end to make it sound as if it were a question regardless of the topic. Associated with Southern California, but has spread beyond to other parts of the US and beyond. Attempts to contain it by the WHO, DOD, and FDA have failed to date. Possible genetic relationship to Valley Girl Syndrome.

1: A style of speech that can make even the most intelligent person sound like a blithering idiot

2: A style of speech that makes anyone within hearing distance want to gouge their ears out

3: A style of speech that according to linguistic anthropologists indicates the end of western civilization we we know it.

4: A style of speech that makes vocal fry sound almost normal.
Tiffany went for a job interview, and couldn't figure out why she didn't get the job after ending every sentence in a question using uptalk speech pattern.
by Will Brink @ BrinkZone June 01, 2015
A pathetic new way of talking with a rising interrogative at the end of every sentence? Main culprits were young people? Now older people seem to be following this awful trend? I think it's because we live in an age of constant uncertainty?
Uptalk? Like it's really annoying? It sort of says 'hey you guys I'm cool?'
by uptalkhater10000 November 10, 2015
To make something, or someone, seem better that is really is.
"He was totally up talking the event. When I got there it was lame."

"She's not that good. She was up talking."

"Watch this, I'm gonna up talk my way into VIP."
by FashionPixie September 14, 2007
When you make yourself or someone else seem better or stronger than they actually are by implying false things
lets say bob is a weak little nerd with a girlfriend, lucy.

lucy says to the big popular guy, zane, who just tried to kiss her

"if bob finds out, you're gone!!"

lucy just uptalked bob
by [..+JaDe+..] March 22, 2006
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