to go to a specific place to basically rob somebody or if u get robbed
'ahhh man i got sucked of my k750i last night' or 'blud if u dont move from my place i will suck u of everything u got now moveeeee bluuudddd coz mans on eats yehh dont mess coz i will merkk u horridly ok i will get my merk on i will layeth the smackdown
by bobby zamora July 29, 2007
to rob/steal something
"he had nice gold chaps, i say we go bk and suck him"
"i sucked bare shit from that shop yesterday"
by a__man89 April 13, 2006
the word is used as this sucks
my grandaughter uses this word to say... that sucks
by sharon January 23, 2005
n. A person who is innately lame.

Expression of excitement when thinking that one dishes out pwn

Used when beating someone

Dan when telling you what to do in his bedroom
"Yoooooooooou Suckckckckckck" - Housie
by zachg- April 27, 2003
1. an exclamation of anger or exasperation such as

2. also used as an insult to someone else, in the form of a command.
1. "Suck! I forgot my homework!"

2. "Hey Cait, you can just go and suck!" or just "Hey cait, suck!"
by melanie w March 26, 2007
what isiah marvin ang will be awarded first place in doing good at.
some hidden cam: Isiah suck Cole's dick every sunday in our churche's bathroom.

P.S. super gay wannabee emo faggotIsiah really loves the cock!! lols!!
by take a guess ;-) January 17, 2005
not good at something but not pethic at something
man you suck at baseball.
by richard soukenka May 07, 2006

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