E's Otherwise -- the epitome of suck.
E's Otherwise is the suck
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
Short-lived but still occasionally continued expletive/adjective.
"My job is suck."
by son of stalin February 28, 2003
verb- to have the characteristic of being very harrible at something, something that happened that was unsatisfactory, or an object/person that lacks talent and/or skill. Most common word used in the bandroom.
one of the 3 philosophies of life

Noun- a thing that in itself is the verb definition of suck. (Something that is lame, looks bad and is untalented)
V. 1) You Suck at this game go play bridge with your grandmother.
2) This has to be the most sucktacluar event in the history of suckness.

n. 1) Stupid Suck. (stupid being bad at this particular activity)
2) No my painting doesn't work it looks like suck!! my life is ruined.
3) You are suck.
by Drizzle the Squirrel October 26, 2005
To not do anything productive
Man, I really sucked it up yesturday.
by Mikey November 04, 2004
Marine word for mouth.
1. Shut your suck!
2. Quit running your suck!
by Roy November 04, 2003
to go to a specific place to basically rob somebody or if u get robbed
'ahhh man i got sucked of my k750i last night' or 'blud if u dont move from my place i will suck u of everything u got now moveeeee bluuudddd coz mans on eats yehh dont mess coz i will merkk u horridly ok i will get my merk on i will layeth the smackdown
by bobby zamora July 29, 2007
Suck = Stupid + Fuck
School is for sucks stupid fucks
by EJHLM November 16, 2006

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