In the 1960s used to refer to oral copulation.
She sucks. Ask her out!
by Hereagain September 06, 2010
The conception of bring a SUV and a Truck together, creating a terrible vehicle with no real apparent purpose
That SOB bought a SUCK!?! thats unfortunate.
by Bob December 17, 2003
"To suck" or "you suck" is derived from, or is a shortened form of "to suck dick" or "you suck dick." In effect, it is the equivalent of saying "that's gay" or "you're gay." (You suck dick, so therefore, you must be gay.) This, in turn, comes from the assumption that homosexuality is "wrong" or "bad." Therefore, if something "sucks" it is "bad."

Isn't it strange how widely accepted the term is? Everytime you hear someone say "that sucks" on TV, they are essentially saying "that sucks dick."
Lil' Timmy: Dave, you suck at hopescotch.
Dave: Frig off, Timmy - you are so gay.
by Time4SumAksion February 28, 2005
The opposite of blow, yet they are used as the same word. . . wtf?

what all women want to do to me
1. She sucked my cock.
She blowed my cock.
2. Wow this sucks.
Wow this blows.
by Drew January 21, 2005
to suck or slurp with pleasure
Your mom sucks your dads cock everynight before bed
by Shizzle December 03, 2003
to slerp on
wanna suck on this?
by jon March 04, 2003
v. the act of inhaling vigorously.
n. A person who is innately lame.
Saber is such a suck.
by Emoticon December 15, 2002

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