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11 definitions by Dill

Quick and simple explanation of one's choice of action?
Police: pull over
You: Suck it!
by Dill April 28, 2003
Who Gives a F*ck?
Who will clean up the Firecracker trash?
I don't know, WGAF?
by Dill July 03, 2004
1. Japenese for perfvert
2. Sexual/Pornagraphy anime drawings
I could look at that all day..
by Dill March 23, 2005
this song is about someone being obsessed with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Great song, Kurt's personal favorite.
Hey man that girl is draining you, your not even actin the same.
by dill April 24, 2004
Everyone on here is stupid.

It's an adjective.

It's the name of a Sir-Mix-A-Lot album, and it's a synonym for cool, fresh, or dope.
"Man, how good was that show?"

"That shit was SWASS..."
by Dill September 03, 2004
Miserable, spoil sport.
Stop being mourngy and come play football.
by Dill December 02, 2003
ginger homo
Richard B is niche the rizebee one.
by Dill June 04, 2003