1. Any type of noise coming from a sound amplifier not intended by the speaker/musician, therefore taking away part or all of the speaker/musician’s intended effect.

2. The actual sound of negative feedback to include, but not limited to: static, squeaking, chirping, clicking, knocking or buzzing coming from an amplifier.

3. Usually caused by the incompetence of the sound engineer.

1. “Dude, can I get a little less suck out of the amps?” --Guitar Hero III game comment

2. “Man, every time we have Randy over to run the amps, he cranks out hella suck.”
by GXIDIVA December 27, 2008
something someone's terrible at.
niggah you suck at pullin' hoes.
by Wrist So Frosty Neck So Chilly December 27, 2008
A common insult, often abbreviated to sux on the interweb, used when describing a bad performance.

Mistakenly thought to refer to a blow-job, "... sucks" refers to the fact that the dutch noticed that certain boats "sucked" water and this would result in a little wave at the back of the boat. The larger the wave, the slower the boat would go; and at a time where there was a big issue with pirates and other naval threats, the fact that a boat "sucked" meant that it performed badly.
"What did you think of the match yesterday?"
"It really sucked!
by Fishjelly April 09, 2011
Not proficient in whatever or however you are going to confront a situation and/or event.
Tom: "I hate doing presentations. I suck at them!"

Bill: "Well Tom, 'if you are going to suck, suck good!' " (Thumbs Up)
by LucyJewls07 July 29, 2009
To suck, is the verb meaning to steal. Originating from popular urban culture in London the term is used often in situations where something has been taken without permission
'Man got sucked init'
'That boy got sucked for his phone and his air forces ya' knw'
by manlykeme June 17, 2009
1) to be terrible at something
2) to suck something such as a straw
3) to give head
4) noun, as in this sucks
1) brian sucked at skateboarding
2) sally sucked on the straw
3) sally sucked david off
4) school sucks
by samdog November 10, 2004
referring to something that does badly all the time
compared to the yankees, the red sox suck!
by hatethesuckyone May 15, 2010

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