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To eat pussy that contains cum(the result of a fuck)
He screwed her brains out, the got down to suck fuck.
by TheAddict October 27, 2003
(Also known as Blow Job)

The action of the man's genitalia being placed into the partner's mouth and sucked.
"Ah Jane gives such a good Suck Fuck."
by meeeeowwwwwmeowmeow August 28, 2009
The action of which a girl has sexual intercourse, doggy style, on one male, whilst sucking on anothers male's penis. The whole experience is pure 100% ecstacy for her, but somewhat homosexual for the two males.
DJ: Hey man, what did you do this weekend?

Derek: Ah man, me and Trent got really drunk at this party and pulled a suckfuck on this really drunk chick. She was a fox. And now I feel a little bit closer with Trent.

DJ: ... Nice.
by djbrimstoned June 19, 2011
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