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The cost associated with engaging in any form state sanctioned of long odds gambling, i.e. playing the lottery.
"stop paying stupid tax, you're never going to win the powerball."
by Joseph Milton July 05, 2007
A fine for a dumb mistake or failure to act.
I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time, so now I have to pay the $35 stupid tax.
by toddc May 11, 2008
The price you pay for ignorance.
"Dude, I just got conned!"
"NP bro, you just paid your stupid tax. Live and learn."
by Psyladine April 02, 2012
"The stupid tax", an additional (and generally avoidable) taxation upon your regular habits.

In gaming terms the "stupid tax" is generally a reference to getting scammed or key-logged by a trojan virus. Often resulting in a lost of several game items or your game account.
: Hey did you hear? Bob got hacked!

::: Nah, he just got key-logged. Probably clicked some fake link in his e-mail and ended up paying the "stupid tax".
by bbr-rrvs July 07, 2010