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When you drop a huge shit log that smells like rotting cattle carcasses. Only counts if it is one of those smells that can peal the paint of the bathroom walls and make you pass out and die if you do not flee the room quickly enough. Fair warning to all potential bathroom entrants is a must.
I just finished dropping off a bunch of beefy biscuits in the shitter.

Man that bathroom smells like beefy biscuits. God I think I'm gonna pass out and die!
by darkknight430 October 09, 2014
Legal fees paid to an attorney to get you acquitted or a plea deal for minor criminal conduct such as public intoxication, DUI or simple possession.
Friend 1: Hey did you hear that Bob got busted last night for DUI?

Friend 2: Oh yeah? Guess he'll have to pay the stupid tax to some criminal attorney.

Attorney: I can get you a plea deal or go to trial on that weed bust but you'll have to pay $2500 for the stupid tax first.
by darkknight430 October 27, 2014
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