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A person with braces who loves giving head.
AJ is one hell of a stump grinder but I like how he sucks anyway.
by Giggles T. Clown September 19, 2014
To recive oral sex from a girl with knarled teeth or sharp braces.
My johnson is all bloodied form last night, that girl had a real stump grinder for a mouth.
by desert ace, stroker ace May 13, 2011
The act of a stripper giving a lap dance to an amputee.
Did you see that war vet at the club last night getting a stump grinder from that stripper?
by Madball June 21, 2012
A Sexual act where while having vaginal intercourse you attempt to slip your scrotum (the stump) into the vagina with the shaft (Or trunk).
Guy 1 : Hey man, I was banging this chick last night for the first time and I was trying to put my balls in her vag. along with my dick.

Guy 2 :Your an idiot, You can't just pull a stump grinder on a girl, on the first date!
by Woot A Loot December 14, 2009
(Noun): A woman on the dance floor that thrives on grinding her bottom(grinder) on male genetailia (stump). Particularly late in the night when inhibitions have been lost, drinks consumed, and standards have been dropped.
Upon arrival to the club, the boys sought out stumpgrinders on the dance floor.

As drinks were consumed, women turned from prude high school teachers, college students, and office workers into stumpgrinders.
by LegitZ November 08, 2009
A person, who is sexually aroused by rubbing themselves against an amputee's remaining limb.
Mark is such a stump grinder, he became a physical therapist to find dates.
by LaBelleEstelle March 02, 2014
a vagina generally on a girl that would have relations with you with little or no effort.
"that bitch got a stump grinder tighter than a fat kid trying to get through a doggy door"
by theantonbomb August 02, 2009
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