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A girl with an extremely large taint. Generally hairy or smells of fecal matter.
That girl I boned last night had a taintapotomus.
by WootALoot July 07, 2009
When a girl is so eager for a man to cum she wants to ceremoniously imbibe it like it’s some kind of precious nectar and she inhales it into her lungs and is lucky if she doesn't end up with Aspiration pneumonia.
Man 1: Dude, that girl last night was very impressive with her cum inhalation skills.

Man 2 :So is your mom..

Man 1 : No.. Your sister can really Cum Inhale.
by WootALoot December 14, 2009
When one deficates into anothers hardhat.
Hey buddy, I know your the new guy but you better watch out, only time will tell when your gonna get fardonkled.
by WootALoot July 07, 2009
Puppy Tail
When one inserts a raw hot dog into ones anus and wags it around to attract a puppy for the purpose of nibbling it out of ones bottom.
I hope this twelve pack of wieners is enough puppy tails for tonight's party, I'm expecting numerous guests.
by WootALoot December 14, 2009
When you take such a massive shit you are in disbelief that it came out of you and your anus is in such poor condition that you have to wear sweat pants for a week. You officially took a Haggard Shit
Sorry Boss, I am not gonna be able to make it in today, I took such a Haggard Shit last night that my anus is still bleeding.
by WootALoot December 14, 2009
When someone is a little cunt and wont shut up and keeps bitching.
Omg that kid is being such a Strangled Vagina, I wish he would just shut up.
by WootALoot July 14, 2009
One that likes to put different things into his rectum during masterbation, Normally exotic items such as pineapples, staplers, little powdered donuts, Loaded baked potato pringles, ect..
Guy 1: Hey Friend, What are you doing?

Guy 2: Im Homming Dogging, Can't you tell?

Guy 1: Oooooh, I never knew you were a homming dogger, it all makes sense now... Expecially with the whole Blackberry incident..
by WootALoot September 14, 2010

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