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A stuffed turkey basically starts as a threesome with one guy getting head from a girl while another guy is getting the girl doggystyle in the pooper. The stuffed turkey happens when one of the guys gets off in the girls mouth at the same time the other guy gets off in her asshole.
After Amber received the stuffed turkey, she couldn't figure out which hole to wipe out first.
by Ole Chiddie Chad September 18, 2006
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When a girl is getting fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time.

She is totally stuffed, hence the name.
(guy talking to another guy)
"Let's make this bitch a stuffed turkey"
by alessanrda September 24, 2007
When in the act of anal sex the male would pull out and begin to throw up in the woman's anus and then start to ram his penis rapidly and forcefully until he climax's and then leaves the anus agape to reveal the throw up emulating stuffing and the semen being the gravy topping.
Guy:Last night after thanksgiving dinner i put it in my girls ass and decided to give her the stuffed turkey.. Friend: stuffed turkey? what's that man? Guy: I puked in her ass bro ;D
by Titopolous November 27, 2012
n. Dick trick. Begins with a couple engaged in doggie style sexual intercourse. When the male notices that the female is wearing socks, he pulls off her socks and stuffs them into her asshole. Thus, he creates impromptu tail feathers and the illusion of a stuffed turkey.
Rod looked around for the smell while he was cuttin' his biatch doggie style. Upon seeing that she was wearing socks, he manuvered the stuffed turkey because it was November. It took her a week to get those socks out of her ass.
by Digitus Impudicus November 17, 2006
jizz all up in that thanxgiving turkey and serve it to your family
my family is ignant so i gave them a stuffed turkey YAY!!!!!!!!
by shuqueefqueef ortega March 14, 2010

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