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when you repeat the same word in one exhaled gasp during orgasm
guy: ..and when she came she yelled out "bunnybunnybunny"

friend: WTF?

guy: she was so turned on, she had to bunny out
by penissnatcher March 30, 2009
a man searching the web for a male companion pretending to be a young hot babe- upon meeting, he will go for a snatch of the gonads to show the dude who is boss.
guy:i was on that dating site looking for a hot babe, when i went to meet her it ended up being some old dude

other guy: dude what'd you do?

guy:i couldnt get away,he grabbed my sack first thing!

other guy:raunchy dude, what a penis snatcher!
by penissnatcher March 30, 2009
to finger fuck a girl, of any age, under any circumstances.
dude: go down on me baby

girl: am i gonna get some too this time?

dude: bitch please, i wont stick my finger in there,it reminds me too much of stuffing turkey

girl: fuck this then!

by penissnatcher March 30, 2009
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