He defines awesome
by Jiub June 24, 2003
mad little man seen on the homestarrunner cartoons. Wears boxing gloves, says "what the crap" and beats people up. also enjoys swiss cake rolls.
Hello strong bad. can I borrow your fondue pot again?
by Matt Brown May 11, 2003
1. A cartoon character on www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html who is awesome

2. The character from Homestar that was assigned to Gina.
Strongbad kicks ass.
by Dirtymike August 25, 2004
A real wrestle man. Also known as Strong Badman. Has no fingers and a The Cheat.
Get in the boat fish. Get in the boat fish fish.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
Brilliance, and enscence of masculinity. In adition, he is the best musician of all time!
*music plays*
Whoa, that ruled...what function key do i gotta press to make that happen again?
B) Techno? I heard one of them songs once, it started with...
Then some sound like:
Then like, a syron or something:
Then the obligitory old movie quote:
The system...is down.

"now let's go break open that glow stick and poor it into homestar runner's mountain due!"
by rickythejoe December 06, 2003
Satirical character on homestarrunner.com. Parodies every testosterone-driven egotistical legend-in-ones-own-mind sort of person. Alot of people talking crap about him, saying he cant draw, trogdor sucks...well, yeah...THATS THE FRIKIN POINT! He's a satire! If you're too stupid to pick up on that...just stick your prick in a lightsocket allready cuz the world has enough knuckle-dragging morons...
"girls, line up on my left for make-outs! Guys, line up on the right for high-fives!"
by DammitJim September 11, 2003
one of two teams from the 1980's Nintendo game Tag team wrestling.
by m_kitsune July 16, 2003
A crazy little man that always says crap and always cheats. But Homestarrunner and the others are to stupid to realize that he cheats.
Strong bad would say: hey strong mad let's cheat at the jumping jack contest,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap.
by Bon Chez May 25, 2003
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