StrongBad is teh awesome funny guy of he answers peoples emails on the internet and stars in funny clips relating to the email that was sent to him (he is a cartoon character btw)
Fan's email: gaffy
Hey strongbad you are super cool! you should build a monument to yourself!
StrongBad: hey gaffy turns out your onto somethin! I am super cool!
by Fluker July 06, 2005
Noun…1-One awesome guy 2- A short bare chested man in a wrestling mask and gloves who will one day become Senior Cardgage. 3- He makes the ladies hot with his bad boy groves and his confident physique.4-the real reason you go to
Syn- See Strong Mad and The Cheat
Adj- See Strong Sad and Homestarrunner
“What’s not cool about giving you nightmares?"
“Everybody to the limit, see me I’m to the limit. “
“Ali or Ali’s sister.....”
hey, people who say he's not funny..if he's so terrible, why are you reading his emails?
by *tweak* October 03, 2003
(noun) A japanese ice cream confection in the 80's brought to life on the internet, creator of Trogdor the Burninater, the band limozeen, teen girl squad, and others. Good friend of the cheat.
If Strongbad were president, the White House would relocate to Strongbadia, and the CIA would be renamed to CMYBUTT.
by jdallman August 17, 2003
Two words. Two different words. That are not one word. That are "Strong" and "Bad."
Email: deer strongbad, u r teh awsum! i she be your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!


Strong Bad: DELETED!!
by 90noslenj September 02, 2007
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