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Self indulgent musical wanking.

Pleasing ones self through music.
He continued Maestrobating though no one liked the music he played at all.
by xtian December 01, 2005
one that has incredible volleyball abilities.
damn! shes a marnster!
by Xtian February 22, 2004
Someone who fights for good, or for awesome!
You are totally strong bad, j0!
by XTian May 26, 2003
When something is fucked up, and usually its someone elses fault. A slang of the term "Far end cross talk".
That shit is FEXT dude!
by XTian May 26, 2003
Something that is so immediately "kick ass" it needs to be expressed in shorthand! Pronounced "kay aye"
That movie was totally KA buddy!
by XTian May 26, 2003
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