The greatest, most totally awesome guy ever. Singer of such great songs as "Let's make believe that we're in love (so I can break up with you)" and "You've got an ugly butt and a stupid butt"
Oh's-a Stwong-Baaaaaaadddd!
by Booga December 15, 2003
strong bad= awesomeness and a big fuss should be made of him.
Holy crap! Strongbad is AWESOME!
by coolpersonyo August 30, 2003
Two words. Two different words. That are not one word. That are "Strong" and "Bad."
Email: deer strongbad, your teh awsum! i she be you're number one fan!!!!!!!!!!


Strong Bad: DELETED!!
by 90noslenj September 25, 2007
"How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?"
"How do you manage the telegramaphone whilst wearing gentlemen's sport gloves?"
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 13, 2003
1) Most crapfully awesome dude from 2) Dude with e-mail 3)Going to check mah e-mail
by Ed June 09, 2003
The only guy in the universe that can type with boxing gloves on his hands. Also famous for creating our good friend Trogdor the burninator.
Strongbad and pompom are going out is the secret words in homestar says.
by Real rose May 29, 2003
Someone who fights for good, or for awesome!
You are totally strong bad, j0!
by XTian May 26, 2003
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