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Bipedal homo sapien, predominantly known for his red large head, green eyes, and blue stone on his forhead.

Known Strong Bad Calls:
1. Holy Crap
3. You can't sneak up on a brotha like that.
by Cain August 11, 2003
A person of omnipotent boogie and rhythm.
Keith is such a cool fallopiad.
by Cain January 09, 2005
The International Cuisine is Employment for bums, full of illegal immigrants that only want free bags of curry Powder and onions. They stand at the side of converbelts and spit and throw melted biro's into microwave meals. There are 3 different shifts:

10pm - 6am ; For the stoners
6am - 2pm : For the Immigrants so they don't get took back to the middle east
2pm - 10pm: for the rest of the bums
Muva im going to get our 14 kilos of Curry powder for dinna
by Cain March 15, 2004
The source of it all. See Blink 182. Simple Plan is rap and hip-hop's plan to brainwash people into the mainstream. So far it is working too. Simple Plan sucks. It consists of everything Blink 182 consists of: Shitty vocals, no real guitaring skills, and a shitty drummer.

In summary: Don't waste your time here, its just more brainwashing mainstream, served up in shitty vocals and guitaring.
See Blink 182 and Sum 41
by Cain February 06, 2005
A Atlanta word comprised of the phrase " crank it up" basicly to make hype, pump it up (NY).

(Crank - a) + (up - p)= Crunk and any other misinterpretation of this word should be ignored.
Ah shawty, this party crunk as hell.
by Cain February 18, 2005
A term that originated from the fighting games Street Fighter II and later Mortal Kombat.

It means to use questionable or unfair tactics to defeat an opponent. Often times the player using the tactics is totally aware of it, yet doesnt care regardless.
Ralph cheesed me in Street Fighter using all throws.

Marty cheesed me with the M. Bison corner trap.
by Cain February 25, 2004
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