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3 definitions by DBNP

A place where stealing is not considered wrong (kazaa, emulations, etc.) and where there is more Pornography then at Ron Jeremy's studios.
Hmmm...where can I get pornography and/or free programs/music which I would have to pay fortunes for otherwise? Oh, I know! The internet!
by DBNP May 27, 2003
A band with a large pop-culture following and a strong cult-following. Usually associated with stoners and the laid back.
Person 1: Wanna go get high?
Person 2: Sure...let's put some Sublime in, then.
by DBNP May 27, 2003
The main source for excellent quotes, hazing ideas, and utter awesomeness. Usually, his idealism is used to put down friends/foes/utter enemies.
"Crapfully yours..."
"Hold on, The Cheat, we're going to the moon!"
"Looking at a thing in a bag..."
"Hey stupid!"
by DBNP May 27, 2003