the coolest guy this side of strong badia, he answers emails and is just plain awesome
oh, electronic mail!
by shtuff October 08, 2003
A very awexome guy who can make you laugh, but if he doesn't make you laugh **cough** loser **cough** then there is something seriously wrong with you.
Do you don't not dislike not Strongbad???
by fhqwhgads September 21, 2003
He's a dude with a Mexican wrestling mask,boxing gloves and wears no shirt(to impress all da LADIES!) XD
"Stiny! Get me a danish!"
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
an internet catoon character on he is the most influncial character on the internet today. He answers e-mails from fans weekly and makes fun of their bad grammer. He is also the creator of Trodgor, Teen Girl Squad, and Stinkoman. He has his very own The Cheat. and often beats up homestarrunner and, his brother, Strong Sad
Strongbad created Trogdor, the best dragon ever.
by Jacob September 03, 2004
a mean mofo who will never hesitate to give you the deuce or the more powerful, patented "Double Deuce"
"Hey Strongbad, what ya got there behind your back?"
"A single deuce? Deuce."
by Homsar May 07, 2003
A hilarious guy who wears boxing gloves and a mexican wrestling mask, hangs out with his brother strong mad and a strange anvil-type creature called the cheat, and runs the only e-mail-processing computer.
(Strong bad bought a copy of the new release: This book is better than getting to first, second, and quite possibly third base, by Leomard Sportsinterviews.
by Solstice November 18, 2003
a short ignoramus of a wrestler with little green electronic eyes, boxing gloves for hands, and is such an absorbing form of entertainment that you'ld rather starve to death than leave the computer before you finish reading his e-mail
Holy crap, Strongbad is the coolest!
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003
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