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Someone STRONG (okay, not that strong) and BAD. This is Homestar's enemy, but Homestar thinks he's a friend.
Known quotes:
"I freakin' hate Sibbie!"
"How's your burger, the Stick?"
"WHAT?!? Who wants a tan on their back?!?!?!?"
"Hey, wiggity-weiner."
"This is the worst Decemberween ever."
by B-guy October 26, 2003
1. One who was raised by a cup of coffee.
2. One who is probably Homestar's grandfather.
3. One who goes over to Strong Sad's house to play Connect Four.
4. SEE- delirious
"I was raised by a cup of coffee!"
"Legitimate Business!"
by B-guy October 13, 2003
1. A man. Or maybe a dragon-man. Er... Maybe he's just a dragon. I dunno. Ask Strong Bad.
2. One burninating the peasants.
3. A drawing made in response to an email. (CONSUMMATE V's!)
4. A game on www.homestarrunner.com.
"...Or maybe just a dragon...but he was still TROGDOR!"
by B-guy October 19, 2003

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