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8 definitions by Trevi

Amazingly beautiful and talented singer/songwriter, famed for having been in the Old 97's.
Did you see Rhett at the Avalon? He was awesome.
by Trevi October 20, 2003
This word is almost as versatile as fuck or word. It can be used in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):
1. Expressing excitment
2. A congratulatory exclamation
3. Agreement
1. JZ: Trevi, I got you tickets to the Phantom Planet concert on Thursday!
Trevi: Aww yeeeuh!

2. Anna: I got an A+ on my math test!
Trevi: Aww yeeeuh!!!

3. Anna: I hate daylight savings time.
Trevi: Aww yeeeuh.
by Trevi October 26, 2003
All kinds of awesome. Homestar's official heckler, and creator/leader of Strong Badia (pop: tire).
I am Strong Bad and I am still awesome
by Trevi October 20, 2003
1. Elongated form of the phrase "dis."
2. Taken from "Was that a dis? Yes, in fact, I do believe it was."
Frank: You know who else is good?
Evan: Who?
Frank: Your mom.
Mekko: Ooooh dis? dis.
by Trevi October 22, 2003
Alternative to awesome.
Awshumm, guysh.
by Trevi October 20, 2003
its when you are expecting a poop to come out, and it comes out at JUST THE RIGHT TIME, that makes you say, "Poopty, that was just fantastic!"
Ethel: Honey, are you alright in there?
Henry: Just poopty dear, just poopty.
by Trevi April 29, 2006
1. see bitch or fucker.
2. Derived from cock and fucker.
3. Strong insult toward either gender.
Anna: Go suck a fatty, dag!
Trevi: I hate you, you fucking cocker!
by Trevi October 22, 2003