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Euphemism hybrid in reference to a Person from Stoke On Trent England who is a real tug job merchant/ toilet trader.
Sarah: Did you just see how that council worker treated that little old lady?
Dave: Mmm typical Strokey. No respect.
by Stoke Shitty March 02, 2015
To have stroke like features or qualites after consuming too much alcohol.
Steve: What's up gangsta.
Elliott: Not much just recovering from last night.
Steve: Yeah it was badass.
Elliott: You were looking abit strokey though.
Steve: Yeah maybe thats why i didnt get laid.
Elliott: You still touched J-Whittz snatch though
*Steve and Elliott high five*
by Becksman May 16, 2010
The act of getting a hand job. Assisted masturbation.
Dude that girl just gave me one helluva Strokey!
by The Real Midnight Cowboy March 10, 2010
I word used to describe a person, animal, or object at long and thin.

1. (adj) Long and thin; gangly
That runner sure is strokey!
by Nick Lowe November 29, 2004
adj- displaying the characteristics of a stroke, especially a sagging, lopsided face.
"Dude, Paul McCartney looks totally strokey!"
by grumby March 25, 2009

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