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The act of cuming in a womans face followed by a hard punch in the nose.
After our hot date I took her home for a strawberry cheesecake
by Phish September 01, 2003
after being fellated by a female, ejactulate on said females face, then break her nose with a sharp punch to the face. the resulting mess is known as a strawberry cheesecake.
Jill was enjoying sucking on jonny's penis until he strawberry cheesecaked her and got blood on her nice new sofa.
by lobster boy November 15, 2006
When a female gives a man a blow job ,then you cum, you punch the girl in the nose and she bleeds so it looks like a strawberry cheese cake.
"I BLAMMED!! her then punched her in the nose and I gave her a strawberry cheese cake."
by Sneaky Tom May 26, 2008
A simple sexual manouver in which a man punches their partner in the nose shortly after ejaculating in their mouth - thus inducing a nose-bleed that mixes with said man-juices to form a 'strawberry cheese-cake.'
Boy1: I 'strawberry cheese-caked' your mum last night.

Boy2: Shut it ya doss cunt.
by JayFizzleNizzle November 29, 2008
Right as you blow your load in a chicks mouth you get so excited that you punch her in the face. The bloody spooge is Strawberry Cheesecake.
Man, that head was so good I gave dat bitch some Strawberry Cheesecake.
by Fieldy Snuts January 28, 2003
when someone yells out strawberry cheese cake and someone runs up pulls there pants down and fucks the other person in the ass, while cuming the asshole bleeds and it makes strawberry cheesecake.
I heard strawberry cheese cake in the other room and I seen kevin run as fast as he could with his pants down to his ankle.
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
the act of going down on a girl while menstrating and having a yeast infection
yummy bloody strawberry cheesecake treat with chunks of cheese
by PitbullBrisco January 24, 2011
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