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A phrase synonymous with "it's all good" or "don't worry about it." This idiom starkly contrasts with its polar opposite phrase, "that's gay." I'm not sure when sexuality became a parallel point of reference for agreeability.
Guy 1: Hey man, I know I owe you 20 bills, but is it cool if I pay you back next week?

Guy 2: It's straight.
by YakLeader9 March 16, 2010
A euphemism for the phenomenon in prisons in which convicts viciously slice each other with razors.
Criminal 1:Hmm, the tedium of this prison system and my disinterest in literature are not a good combination.

Criminal 2: A likely predicament, friend. I think it is high time for some friendly sportsmanship.

Both Crimals: RAZOR TAG!
by YakLeader9 March 26, 2010
A pornographic movie that ends with a man cumming on a girl's face (also known as a facial).
Tim: Hey Bob, what movie are you watching over there?

Bob: Oh, this is an old classic. One of the best facial features out there.
by YakLeader9 April 04, 2010
A girl who has big, sexy breasts yet posts pictures on facebook which either conceal them or do not show them at all.
Horny Guy 1: OMG Have you seen that girl Hannah? She has such nice tits.

Horny Guy 2: I checked out her facebook page but I can't find any evidence of what you're talking about...

Horny Guy 1: She must be a Jug Gypper.
by YakLeader9 April 09, 2010

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