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Someone who is straight; Not gay.
That boy likes only girls. He is a Hetrosexual and/or straight.
by .:Gin:. June 24, 2007
someone who is at least physically attracted to the opposite sex. Despite what some people not everyone is meant to be hetrosexual though most are. Often spelled heterosexual.
Since Kate is a hetrosexual she can enjoy fucking with mike.
by Dark212342 December 14, 2007
to be hetrosexual you would love the opposite gender or in other words ‘straight’
hetrosexual boy and girl
by bob for prez June 04, 2015
A guy that is actually homosexual but is denying it.
"He lyin' m8, we all kno he ain't no hetrosexual!"
by WhatsernameAgain? June 17, 2016
Straight. The way we should be. Beaver not bumhole and for the ladies, cock, none of that scissor sisters crap.
Hetrosexual - members of opposite sex being attracted to each other.
by Hewligan June 02, 2006
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