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A post-coital penis. Particularly after anal (See Mike).
" after I was done banging her ass, I tried to get some head, and she was all 'get that stink weasel outta my face'".
by Martin Luther Vandross February 28, 2005
A phrase commonly shouted by the drunken biker lady, who sits by herself at the show; perhaps a type of mating call?
"Stink WEASEL!!!"
by Justinsmith1 October 01, 2006
An ignorant lazy greasy person likely a male who likes to bitch and complain for the sake of making noise.


One who repeatedly brings up past occasions to their benefit of justification.
Brian you fucking STINK WEASEL
by Ruban May 28, 2004
a male's penis that has just been removed from a female's anal cavity after sex
My stink weasel smells like cheddar cheese because she was eating nachos earlier.
by Amy Cornfretter October 09, 2007
Person who tries to get into other people's dirty business.
Stay out of my business you stupid stink weasel.
by Mark April 15, 2005
a creepy hairless rodent.usually seeking an anus to burrow in.there could be a nasty aftermath.
That stink weasel wouldn't get away from my dripping bunghole.
by Andrew Heinecke December 27, 2005
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