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A Steven is hot,nice and funny but with the ladies he likes to play with their feelings, he will lie,talk about you and piss you off but you can never stay mad at him.
If you love steven its going to hurt.
I love steven but he is always lying to me.
by StevenLover321 July 24, 2010
32 29
A beautiful Blonde haired girl from the black country,who has an amazing personality and shes the kinda girl any guy would want to marry and any guy who dosn't is either a massive gay or an angler fish I LOVE YOU!!
Guy1:Seen stevens
Guy2: yeah shes fucking beautiful

Stevens:shut up zack you angler
by bearhugs12 April 28, 2013
4 2
Anything a boss monster summons with ease that proceeds to annoying the living hell out of you in an online game (i.e. World Of Warcraft or Guild wars).
"Man, those freaking Stevens keep blocking my attack."

"That boss wasn't that hard, but its Stevens were really annoying though."
by WasabiiCake February 10, 2010
24 22
Stevens often judge too much. they are open minded & wont give others a chance. They are hot, amazing, & great kissers. They tend to hold on to one person forever. however, that one person is through. Stevens fall in love easy. They also use their lady friends to do things. Stevens are confusing people but they are lovable & kind. You might find yourself falling in love with one pretty soon!
Steven is so confusing! I cant tell if he likes me.
by oootooot August 20, 2011
8 7
He loves girls names hannah
Steven && Hannah !!!!
by hannahbell September 03, 2008
4 3
Great guy! Amazing boyfriend, loves to have a good time. Usually has a GREAT smile. Is the life of the party. Has a big heart, gives without thinking of getting anything in return. The type of guy that you can always go to. When he loves someone, he means it. Very creative. Drop dead gorgeous!! 9/10 has a big dick. Strong, muscular, intuitive, SMART. Stubborn at times. Funny. Goofy. Usually a nerd lol. Reliable. If you ever come across a Steven like this, don't let him go!
"OMG, is that Steven?? I love him!!!"
by BrownSkin November 12, 2013
1 1
A naive yet well meaning guy. He has cartoonish eyes and a goofy personality. Sometimes you wonder what goes on in that cranium of his. He's sweet and liable to call you gag-worthy pet names.
Me: Steven called me "Cutie-Pie" today *gags*
Friend:Aw, but he's a sweet guy
by emptybrown3yes October 22, 2013
0 1