A man with a very large penis, wonderful in bed, cool, strong, and rich as fuck!!!!
I wish i could be a Steven i would have everything in life.
by $$ SQUAD $$ January 10, 2015
Great guy! Amazing boyfriend, loves to have a good time. Usually has a GREAT smile. Is the life of the party. Has a big heart, gives without thinking of getting anything in return. The type of guy that you can always go to. When he loves someone, he means it. Very creative. Drop dead gorgeous!! 9/10 has a big dick. Strong, muscular, intuitive, SMART. Stubborn at times. Funny. Goofy. Usually a nerd lol. Reliable. If you ever come across a Steven like this, don't let him go!
"OMG, is that Steven?? I love him!!!"
by BrownSkin November 12, 2013
Steven is a sweet awesome guy with a huge dick. He can make a girl feel really good and gets all the .bitches. He is smart and likes to laugh. He is not afraid of anyone and can fuck anyone up if they mess with him! He is sexy and he is very organized and likes to plan everything out so it goes well. He has a lot of BFFs and is funny crazy and outgoing! He just likes to have fun!
Hey that boy over there is sexy! He must be a Steven
by imma sexy beast 123 June 16, 2013
A Steven is hot,nice and funny but with the ladies he likes to play with their feelings, he will lie,talk about you and piss you off but you can never stay mad at him.
If you love steven its going to hurt.
I love steven but he is always lying to me.
by StevenLover321 July 24, 2010
Stevens often judge too much. they are open minded & wont give others a chance. They are hot, amazing, & great kissers. They tend to hold on to one person forever. however, that one person is through. Stevens fall in love easy. They also use their lady friends to do things. Stevens are confusing people but they are lovable & kind. You might find yourself falling in love with one pretty soon!
Steven is so confusing! I cant tell if he likes me.
by oootooot August 20, 2011
Steven \STE-ven\ noun.
The subject of a particularly cruel prank.

-- P. Welmsley, A Lexicon of Club and Fraternal Terminology, 1937
Doctor Ian Black fooled the Steven by making him believe he was responsible for vehicular manslaughter in the first degree.
by The Mayor of Jefferson July 03, 2010
A male specimen that is tall and has brown hair. Stevens tend to be very sarcastic and like to make jokes about other people, but never hurt feelings. Loves to play sports and has a good group of friends; usually a Sadie or a Shelby are his besties. Stevens are natural fashionistos and love to wear bro tanks. "Wilmer" or "Amish Boy" tend to be common nicknames given to a Steven. Makes a good friend that you can trust..
Ryan: Did you see that tall guy with the bro tank?

Macey: Yeah, he always jokes around with me!

Ryan: He's such a Steven!
by Lena981 October 14, 2013

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