A very epic person all-around. Nice,Funny, A good time. Gives great hugs,great advice giver, always there for you.
Kaylah:I just need a big hug right now
Carmen: It sounds like you need a Steven
by DerpDerpDerpDerpDerpDerp September 10, 2011
A Steven is the definition of a perfect guy. He is sweet, sexy, funny, and sophisticated. He has a big dick and know to use it ;). He is very athletic and treats girls right.
"Who's that handsome guy!?"

"Oh that's just Steven"
by Ilovemysteven September 24, 2012
Anybody's best friend. Like a girl's gay best friend who isn't gay. Totally sweet and caring. He's so hot he melts my frozen yogurt. Loves chocolate and bao.... loves my best friend too ;) . But hey, Steven's an awesome asian/mutt and I love him to death :) You're jealous if you don't have a best friend like him. AND his face is 100% symmetrical... now thats sexy ;)
That guy is sooo amazing, he MUST be a Steven!!
by WillisTheGiraffe November 23, 2010
Someone with a massive head
Your head is so big you must be a Steven
by Sam345 July 13, 2009
Steven is sweet, caring and always treats his girlfriend right. He has SOME trouble expressing emotion but once he gets to know and trust you he will open up. He tends to be protective and always wants to be there to help his girlfriend, best friend or friend if there is a problem. He loves for life and is worth more than you could imagine. He NEVER gives up without a fight. Steven's are perfect for Jessica's :D
Boy: "Why is he opening the door for her?"
Girl: "Duh! He is a Steven!"
by Gor-Jess October 07, 2011
A really sweet, loving guy. He knows how to make people feel special. He's cute too. He's a really good friend, and boyfriend material. He has hella good music taste He dresses like a hipster, but doesn't act like one. When he realizes he made a mistake, he'll apologize no matter what. LOADS of girls want him actually. He isn't a good cook, but he's handy with a microwave. He is really special to a lot of people. You can talk to him about anything, anytime. He can also be lazy sometimes
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Steven around? I need to talk to him.

Person 2: Oh, he might be on his laptop right now.

Person 1: -sigh- he is so perfect!

Person 2: Ikr? His looks, personality...

Person 1: I want him to be my bf!11!!

Person 2: lol, good luck with that.
by faggotabulous January 20, 2013
A Steven is hot,nice and funny but with the ladies he likes to play with their feelings, he will lie,talk about you and piss you off but you can never stay mad at him.
If you love steven its going to hurt.
I love steven but he is always lying to me.
by StevenLover321 July 24, 2010

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