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A delicious and healthy portion of manmeat, Stephen is a half Irish, half Greek man with a distinguished nose, gorgeous dark hair, and a sweet personality. He's loving, gentle, romantic, talented, a really cute dork, and an overall sweet heart. Not to mention, he was blessed by the Greek gods in every way. Specifically in the area where one can deserve the nickname Priapos - a god with a very huge penis. Mmhmmmm. Stephen knows how to work it.
Oh, Stephen shakes my loins up like an angry Zeus.
by Bluebird82 February 06, 2010
An amazing, adorable, sweet guy who makes for a great friend. Stephens often go for the wrong girl when the right one is right in front of him. They have an outgoing personality and are often very loud and energetic. A Stephen always gives the best hugs and kisses. Their hugs are so tight since they are super strong and their kisses make you melt. A Stephen is usually a tall guy who loves to pick up, kiss, and twirl his girl. They're just the best.
Girl: Why is he going of with her and not Sam?
Boy: He's a Stephen, what do you expect. He picked the wrong girl.
by Honeybun a November 19, 2012
Stephen ... where to start. He's made some mistakes in his past, but he has realized what he's done. He knows just how to make anybody smile. He's the absolute sweetest bf. He has an amazing smile,laugh, and sence of humor. He's super cute, and a good listener. He is just an amazing guy
Angel: Dangggggg stephen's amazing
by Angel;) July 18, 2011
An amazing guy with a genuinely kind soul. A man who takes his words and puts them into action. A man who isn't afraid to tell the world about you if you were lucky enough to be his girl. A man who goes deeper than the surface when talking about any topic. A man who is the sweetest shit ever. A man who deserves only the best. A man who you can trust and have faith in. A man that can not be truly defined ,because no words can express how amazing he is.
Happily taken by Stephen
I love Stephen
Stephen is beautifully amazing.

Ughh! I wish I was Kimberly. Stephen is simply amazing.
by hisEmber February 16, 2013
A Stephen is someone who will never admit he is wrong and half the time he really is. You love him but at the same time you really hate him. He is pretty crazy and won't hesitate to hurt you at any given moment. He is a very smart individual and will rub it in your face if you give him the chance, so don't give a Stephen the chance.. He is a dick around the bros, although he is funny at times, but he is sweet when he wants to be. Stephens are actually very sweet people deep down. He has style, but that is something that you should never let onto either. It will boost his already big ego too much. He will watch TV with you and repeat every line he finds hilarious and then laugh obnoxiously. But you always love a Stephen's laugh too. Mostly he is a man of mystery for no reason, no reason.
You: So I thought it was so funny when---

Stephen: Hey, hey, can I get you to raise your hand? Yeah, that's who cares.
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 26, 2014
The best person anyone could ever meet. He will make you smile when you are feeling the worst. If you meet a Stephen make sure you never let go of him. He will be the one you can always run to when you are down, a shoulder to cry and the on who will never leave you even if you are being a complete bitch. He is the best cuddler and if you get the chance to kiss him do it Itll be worth it! He has big brown eyes that you could melt into. O did I mention he has a sexy big ol dick! The only problem with a Stephen is that hes hard not to fall in love with.
Me: Back off bitches Stephen's all mine!
by babyboobear22 January 13, 2013
The name is of Greek origin and means "crown".

It is also the name of an adorable guy with puppy dog brown eyes and mixed heritage who likes to take his time doing things. 'Likes to take his time' can translate to a variety of meanings but most often it translates to mean he is late to every single event or party he attends. He is also always late picking up people to take them to said party or event.

But we still love him (and so does his girlfriend)!
One hour after the party started...
Abby: Where's Stephen?
Elizabeth: Oh, he's still at home getting ready for tonight.
by imissoliver August 09, 2009