Stephen's are usually very sporty people and usually star in Soccer, Gaelic and Boxing. They make very trustworthy friends so you should keep them close. They are very attractive lads. They are usually friends with people names Jack or occasionally Warric.

Stephen's fall for girls called Aoife in a blink of an eye.
Stephen is so sweet and unreal at soccer!!
by bababbabafoijvc November 30, 2013
Likes to eat alot. He is very musically talented type of guy. Excels in anything he does, espically in sports. Known to be a girlfriend stealer. Hubby material, very compatible with virgo signs.
Stranger: Are you flirting with my girlfriend?
Friend 1: No why would I?
Friend 2: Dude, don't pull off a Stephen now.
by Okaaay. November 28, 2011
A pro bmxer who always loses. Has a seriously small dick. He however has very large balls and can jizz a ocean.
Stephen came an ocean into Mazzy
by tacobelllskldjsldfjlksjd June 26, 2014
A guy who is rather cold, but can be funny and nice at times.
Hardly ever tells you his feelings, and is very hardened.
Is a major pot head, and an in the closet GENIUS. He is very easy friend, and will be friends with almost anyone. Has many talents and is great addition to your friends.
Austin:"Dude, Stephen is kind of a jerk."

Dylan:"ya, but he's pretty cool dude"

Austin:"Ya, that's true..."
by ajrk9 July 31, 2012
a perverted kid, but i love him. hes the reason i still live where i live now. i love you
God Stephen you make my life hell, but i love you.
by ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1 October 08, 2008
A Stephen is someone who will lash out violently at you for no reason. He will proceed to choke you and/or go for the vulcan neck pinch to make you pass out. He will ask you to raise your hand and then tell you that no one cares. Stephens are very egotistical creatures that think they know everything about everything. But then you realize you're right, but they really don't care. They will tell you "Dese nuts" and/or give you the finger. They refute everything you say, no matter what it is. Even if you agree with them. Which just makes you angry. They're mentally insane for the most part, someone not even a mother could love. They piss you off constantly and yet you can't help but love them. They real you in with laughter then they laugh at you. It's a very hate-hate relationship, with a dash of not pure hate sprinkled around. Some of them have drug problems and get turnt on the daily. They drive while too turnt because they are very bad at listening. Be careful if you ever meet a Stephen, you might go crazy yourself.
Jimmy: Hey Stephen! Guess what happened tod--
Stephen: Raise your hand? That's right, cause no one cares!

"Did you see the size of that dent in Stephen's car? He needs to stop driving while turnt!"
by NastyDelicious May 26, 2014
A handsome, athletic guy who often keeps to himself and very intelligent. Has dark complexion usually. Dark brown eyes and sexy/mischievous smile. Is most of the time a heart breaker. Girls are constantly pining over him. Someone with the name Stephen is most likely what he would call: "miss understood". People are very lucky to meet someone like Stephen. Most of the time someone who has the name Stephen, their middle name is Kyle. (I think it's because they are the only two good names that make sense together). If you ever run into a Stephen and date and or become friends with him; Beware, because he is often someone who will hold a grudge for a long period of time if you get on his bad side. But as hard and strong he seems to be on the outside, once you really get to know him and talk to him. He is really just super gooey and sweet on the inside. Just like a hard rock candy(; .
Stephen and I are really close friends... But sometimes he can be such a butthead
by Beatlesfan360 October 16, 2010

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