Stephen will drive you wild, he is the most caring, loving, deep, devoted boyfriend in the entire universe. I love him to death. Stephens like to know they are cared for, so make sure you tell them how special they are to you as much as you can. Stephens are the kind of people who could come into your life in two seconds and leave a mark. People may tell you how to feel about him, but never listen. Nothing is worth losing him. Stephens tend to dwell in the past a lot. They feel like the past is just as important as today, so try not to make mistakes that hurt him. Stephens are very blunt, they tell you how it is, and how it is going to be. Sometimes you want to strangle him, but it isn't possible to be mad for too long. Always be there for him, no matter what, he loves memories. He is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet, never let Stephen go. Never doubt him, or yourself. He hates to be doubted, he will pour his heart out to you, and do whatever it takes to make you change your mind. He has the most beautiful brown eyes in the world, and they make you melt every single time you look into them. He is truly perfect, he's so smart. He has the best personality a boy could have, and he loves music. Sometimes you feel like he's too good for you, and he thinks you're too good for him. In my case, he's too good for me. All the girls love Stephen, but who could blame them? Just don't let your jealousy take control of your actions, because he loves you, and only you.
by ema123 February 01, 2013
A stud of epic proportions.
Person 1: That girl is amazing
Person 2: Go and speak to her then
Person 1: Don't be silly, I', not Stephen!
Person 2: Good point.
by steve the stud December 26, 2009
a tall skinny guy, a sex crave for sure. couldl get anyone he wants, major player but nobody cares because he's so damn sexy.
girl: stephen and i screwed last night.
other girl: oh really i screwed him last night too.
by Abbriellle February 21, 2009
stephen (not to be confused with steven's who are all drug addict faggots) is a kind and loving boy usually with gorgeous eyes and fantastic hair. though he's usually abit... strange, he's always trying to do the right thing for the woman he loves. and when it comes to making love, stephen is a god among men with a mastered sex drive that can please ANY woman.
Girl1: "i had sex with stephen last night!"
Girl2: " did i??"
Girl1: "he's just so good that he can please 2 women at the same time without them even knowing."
Girl2: "gasp!"
by kikikoda967 March 29, 2011
a guy who thinks hes funny when hes with his buddys and swears and jokes about sex, but when hes with the one he loves hes the exact opposite
Sure Stephen can be a jerk, but deep down hes very sweet.
by thatsocolleen March 03, 2011
V. To "Stephen" or to "Pull a Stephen" is to do something completely outrageous in public without concerning those around you. This usually involves some sort of sticky liquid, e.g. cola being sprayed everywhere.
Dude, put the pop down... we don't want anyone pulling a Stephen around here.
by TheodoricJ February 14, 2009
Stephen is a very special man. Very down to earth and definately thinks for himself. The best husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. Also probably the most intelligent man in the world. He will look out for anyone he loves and he has a big heart. He will also fight for them and put them before himself. Stephen is not a man you let slipped passed you. If you keep him in your life your golden!
Who's that amazing guy?
That's Stephen (:
by Jeremy Richardson June 05, 2011

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