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A monsterous penis that seems to be unstoppable
She rode my cockzilla all night
by Mike cook March 31, 2003
A large penis that a woman fears to have penetrate her because it looks monstrous enough to wreak havoc on Tokyo, much less her vagina.
Even though we were all horny and ready, I was scared to have sex with him as soon as I saw his Cockzilla.
by Sastwatch August 21, 2007
A female with an extraordinarily large appetite for 'beef-bayonet'.

A female who works her way through a large group of predatory males, who all remain oblivious to the fact until it is too late.
"dude, no, that bitch is a COCKZILLA!"
by Figure Number Five June 28, 2005
The best Unreal Tournament 2004 player ever.
I was just head-shot by Cockzilla 25 times, he is now godlike again, I quit. Im never playing on any server he is on again.
by User56257 April 11, 2009
A woman who thinks hers is bigger than any man and controls every situation.
Paula ia such a Cockzilla!
by ob1kanobie October 25, 2011
The exxagerated nickname I give to my penis. Cock because thats what it is...a cock, and Zilla is e reference to the great film adaptation of a giant human protecting reptile Godzilla films from back in the 60's and 70's.
Karla: Lonnie you are a blessed man. Most of the guys I have dealt with either cum quick, or their dick just isn't big enough. It doesn't hit that spot like yours does.

Lonnie: Oh, you mean ol cockzilla? I pounded it out hunh?

Karla: Yeah you did. My coochie is sore.

Lonnie: Well, you know...when you got one o' deeze.

Karla: (giggle giggle giggle)

Lonnie: You just let me know when you are ready. Hit that again. Next time let it grow though. I'm tired of it shaved.
by the recipient of one June 15, 2009
adult male, seen in the vicinity of springfeild, kentucky, with a supposedly large wang.
cockzilla just rode into springfield with his brother, king dong.
by marcos esquandolas July 02, 2006
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