The name is of Greek origin and means "crown".

It is also the name of an adorable guy with puppy dog brown eyes and mixed heritage who likes to take his time doing things. 'Likes to take his time' can translate to a variety of meanings but most often it translates to mean he is late to every single event or party he attends. He is also always late picking up people to take them to said party or event.

But we still love him (and so does his girlfriend)!
One hour after the party started...
Abby: Where's Stephen?
Elizabeth: Oh, he's still at home getting ready for tonight.
by imissoliver August 09, 2009
The most amazing, kind and beautiful boy in the world...always there and fun to talk to and be around and is also loveable and definitely not alone!
I know ally misses stephen too
by allylovesStephen March 22, 2012
Stephen, the most amazing guy known to man. He's simple and loves to do whatever. He thinks he's always right and its hard to win a battle with him. Watch out, he's hot and is always looking for someone to love.
stephen, Stephen, steffen, steph,
by whaddupsluttt. December 03, 2011
The hero
Alex: Can I be the hero?!?!?!
Me: No!! You're not Stephen
by Sogeking Jacky May 22, 2011
Stephen is Considered one of the top 5 masculine and sexy names of the modern WORLD, possessed by those who are Tall, Usually around 6'3-ish, White, and extremely sexy. Brown/Blonde hair. Very athletic and muscular. Long thick dicks, and are amazing in bed.
(Girl 1) God he's such a Stephen
(Girl 2) I know right!? WHY CANT HE JUST FUCK ME
by JustBeingReal1234 May 08, 2014
A very special guy who will trip up your heart. Sometimes you're sure you love him and other times you're not so sure. He's super sweet and will never hurt or lie to you. Sadly it's hard to get him to tell you he likes you even if you talk and message often. He'll treat you better than any other guy you'll meet so once you find a Stephen, keep him.
Girl- I think I like Stephen but idk... I think he likes me but he won't admit it

Friend- well you should go for him! There's no better guy than a Stephen
by Lulumoongirl December 30, 2014
Stephen's are usually very sporty people and usually star in Soccer, Gaelic and Boxing. They make very trustworthy friends so you should keep them close. They are very attractive lads. They are usually friends with people names Jack or occasionally Warric.

Stephen's fall for girls called Aoife in a blink of an eye.
Stephen is so sweet and unreal at soccer!!
by bababbabafoijvc November 30, 2013

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