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A good and loving individual with a soul as old as the Universe. His eyes are like hot cocoa that warms the icy barren wastelands of any sad heart. He is the Twin Flame and Soul Husband of a star whom he calls Bluebird. He lights up her life with his glorious love that he is known to her as Firefly. He is a beacon on a hill on a stormy night. The anchor that secures one from a miserable wandering. The minstrel of her heart. The center of Bluebird's universe. Also known as: Stevie-bear, Firefly
Stephen makes sweet music for me.
by Bluebird82 February 06, 2010
A delicious and healthy portion of manmeat, Stephen is a half Irish, half Greek man with a distinguished nose, gorgeous dark hair, and a sweet personality. He's loving, gentle, romantic, talented, a really cute dork, and an overall sweet heart. Not to mention, he was blessed by the Greek gods in every way. Specifically in the area where one can deserve the nickname Priapos - a god with a very huge penis. Mmhmmmm. Stephen knows how to work it.
Oh, Stephen shakes my loins up like an angry Zeus.
by Bluebird82 February 06, 2010

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