The first step of any endeavor; Don't get the HIV.
When John bought a House In Virginia, he violated Step One.

That crack whore didn't follow Step One.
by superwalrusninja November 27, 2009
Top Definition
Going to the liquor store, and/or getting drunk. A superior alternative to normal attempts to decide what to do on a night out with friends.
"What do you guys wanna do tonight?"
"Well, step one, then we'll figure it out."
by EagerSpring February 10, 2012
Rolling a joint and getting high. Normaly used in situations, where the general atmosphere is not good and therefore the group or the individual has to go back to basics. Therefore, Step One!
Guy: Dude, I'm so stressed out with all this uni stuff.
Dude: Let's go back to Step One.

Guy: Step One?
Dude: Step One!
by Moekfiy December 09, 2014
The first step when cooking or grilling. Take a shot of whiskey
Patty: Get me a step one Rob
Rob: Jack or Honey?
Patty: Jack please
by Pezro March 19, 2012
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