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4 definitions by kendle_cranks2

in a basketball team the job of the point guard is to bring the ball up the court and to initiate the plays. They are usually a smaller player in the team and possess strong ball handling and long range shooting abilities.
"and the miami point guard, jason williams, sets it up"
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
48 7
One step is a term used in basketball referring to when a player, by a sudden change of direction or some form of quick dummy (faking move), causes their defender to take a step in the wrong direction thus allowing the attacker to beat the defender.
"That crossover gave john the one step"
by kendle_cranks2 June 17, 2006
3 1
usually used in reference to the performance of battlers in freestyle rap battles. If a battler can string together the flow of all his lyrics so they glide smoothly together when rapped he is said to flow seamless or have a seamless flow
"Man that boys lyrics flow seamless"
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
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a term often used in basketball referring to when either a jumpshot or a slam dunk is performed right in the defenders face. With the dunk it usually involves the attacker jumping and the defender having to protect himself from the flying attacker. With the jumpshot the attacker simply launches a shot in the defenders face before he has time to react
1. And a monster dunk, given tim the facial
2. Hes hit facial's on you all day long
by kendle_cranks2 June 17, 2006
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