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Pussy after a shower. The best taste on Earth.
I ate this chicks steamed clam the other day. i love pussy right after a shower.
by Chuck Bucket January 28, 2005
Exhaling hot, moist air through your girlfriends underwear and heating up her crotch taco.
She wasn't in the mood until I dropped my face in her lap and gave her a Steamed Clam.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
The ultimate act of revenge upon a cheating girlfriend. This is the process in which you buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and simply remove its label and replace it with a label from a bottle of lube. Use the sanitizer as lube and she will receive the burning sting of retribution.
She cheated on me so I gave her the steamed clam.
#revenge #shenanigan #tom-foolery #sex #good times
by BGOFTACH January 17, 2010
When a couple is spooning (the man is the "little spoon" and the female is the "big spoon") and the man surprises his lady by releasing a hot, wet fart onto the her clam, thus steaming it. Voila, STEAMED CLAM!!!
Dude, I made some delicious steamed clam(s) last bed!
#steamed #clam #spoon #fart #steaming #spooning
by ktbux June 14, 2009
Lesbian love act of dropping a hot steamy log into your girlfriends "clam"
My girlfriend prefers a steamed clam to plain old oral!
#oral #lesbian #poop #steamer #sex
by Wahoopoo June 20, 2014
The act of eating out a girl while in a hot steamy shower.
Dude: So what're you gunna have for dinner?
Dude2: I don't know about you, but I'm having steamed clam.
#pussy eating #cunilingus #seafood #shower #steamy
by IrishBigguns October 05, 2005
When a female presses her genitalia against a window, to be viewed by onlookers on the other side. The female version of the 'pressed fruit bowl'.
Dude, you should have seen it. All the girls in the next car were flashing us, but Christy wanted to one-up them all, so she totally brought out the steamed clam!
#steamed #clam #steam #pressed #fruit #bowl
by MerkXRTurbo April 12, 2008
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